Position on the topic, the thesis can be presented in the introductory paragraph of the essay-argumentative text. Elaborating it well is a path to writing grade 1000.

When analyzing the text-essay-argumentative genre, it is possible to note that this type text has a very clear structure that is organized in an introduction with the presentation of the thesis, development of arguments that support the test and conclusion with a proposal of intervention. However, we almost always find it hard to start the text, do not we? This is due to some reasons, among them, we can cite a poor construction of the position that one has on the topic addressed.

To lessen this difficulty and help you increase the chances of writing a 1000 note essay, it is necessary to know some possibilities of elaborating the thesis of the text. Let’s look at them now.

Before writing the thesis

Read a lot about everything that relates to the topic! Reading is fundamental so that we can expand our communicative capacity and use knowledge that can evade common sense, which enables us to write more creatively.

Types of thesis

His thesis, also known as central idea or phrasal topic, can be of different types:

a) Initial Statement

It is an affirmative or negative statement that will be explained later.


– The practice of physical exercises decreases the incidence of cancer.

– Corruption should not be encouraged by our political negligence.

– Public education provides for compliance with a constitutionally established basic right.

– Current public education has been a disrespect to our constitutionally established basic right.

b) Definition

This is a brief definition of some concept that will be expanded later.


“Living is an act of courage.

– Reading is an act that goes beyond the decoding of words.

– Quality public education is a basic right neglected by the government.

– Physical exercises are a practice that prevents cancer.

c) Division

It is the separation of the subject into two parts.


– It is possible to analyze the practice of physical exercises under two aspects: health maintenance and aesthetics.

– The growing number of cases of violence against women is due to lack of compliance with laws and lack of prevention with educational projects that convey this basic knowledge.

d) Historical allusion

It is a historical fact, related to the theme, as an introduction to the construction of the thesis.


– The Great Depression of 1929 caused high unemployment rates, declines in GDP in several countries, falls in industrial production, among other factors that, kept to the right proportions, refer us to the current national economic question.

– “After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the East-West antagonisms are over and the world seems to have opened the doors to globalization once and for all

Note that, regardless of the type of thesis chosen, the positioning of each one in relation to the theme is evident. This is essential because your arguments, which will form part of the developmental paragraphs, will support you to ground your point of view presented in the introduction and convince the reader that the proposed view is rational and consistent with the facts exposed throughout the text . Therefore, practice all types of thesis before writing your essay and guarantee greater possibilities for the development of all your text. Good studies!